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Waste To Green, LLC Becomes East Coast’s First Minority and Woman-Owned Certified e-Stewards Recycler

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Durham, North Carolina, October 11th, 2012 – The Basel Action Network (BAN), a global toxic
trade watchdog organization, announced today that Durham-based Waste To Green, LLC has become
a certified e-Stewards recycler. Waste to Green is the first minority and woman-owned company on the
east coast to achieve the e-Stewards certification, adhering to the world’s highest standards for socially
and environmentally responsible electronic recycling. As an ethical recycler with an uncompromising
commitment to environmental sustainability, data security and the prevention of toxic e-waste from
being exported to developing countries, Waste To Green has made their commitments official by
obtaining the e-Stewards certification.

Waste to Green founders Amritpal Chatha and Harpreet Cheema experienced firsthand the need for
truly accountable electronic recyclers. While working for a major electronics manufacturer, Chatha, who
holds a master’s degree in Information Security Management, saw the gap between new electronics
entering the market and those being recycled at the end of their life. Chatha said, “New, improved
electronics are entering the market year after year, yet there is very little accountability for those
becoming obsolete.”

Waste to Green President Harpreet Cheema saw the problem while working on her master’s degree in
Environmental Studies and studying pollution in Indian slums. “There were piles of electronics stacked
up everywhere,” said Cheema. “These slums were like mini electronic graveyards with young kids
stripping copper wires from DVD players, broken leaded glass all over. I began to understand that
those electronics made their way from the Western world under the guise of reuse and recycling. I was
certain that their original owners had no idea that this was the result of their best intentions to recycle.”

Hazardous e-waste is shipped every day from the United States and other developed countries to
developing countries that lack the capacity to regulate these imports or to appropriately handle the
waste. Two standards for electronic recyclers were developed as a means to address this and help
customers indentify responsible electronic recyclers. However, only the e-Stewards Standard prohibits
the export of hazardous e-waste and untested or non-working electronics to developing countries.
“Companies like Waste to Green that certify to the e-Stewards Standard understand that it is the only
standard that can ensure customers that their hazardous e-waste will not be exported,” said Jim
Puckett, BAN’s Executive Director.

“The process of becoming a certified e-Stewards recycler provided powerful checkpoints around all
essential electronic recycling business issues,” said Cheema. “In addition to qualifying that we’re
sending all of our material to responsible final recovery operations, it also delved deeply into
environmental, health, safety, data security and other essential business aspects. We wanted to
achieve the gold standard of electronics recycling industry, which is why we are proud to be a Certified
e-Stewards Recycler.”