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Battery Recycling

WASTE TO GREEN provides a battery recycling program across the region for  collection and recycling of all kinds of batteries considered as hazardous waste within organizations’ waste stream.

Battery Recycling at a Glance

To help keep batteries out of landfill and encourage businesses to recycle batteries, WASTE TO GREEN offers a Battery Recycling Service to all businesses in the region.
The battery recycling service is specifically designed to collect all forms of day-to-day household batteries. The different types of both single use batteries and rechargeable batteries that we collect are listed below.

Collection Systems

WASTE TO GREEN provides a variety of options for the safe collection of spent batteries:

  • Collection boxes
  • Dry Vans available for larger commercial sites

Acceptance Criteria

  • Lead Acid (Pb)
  • Nickel Cadmium (NiCad), sealed and vented
  • Lithium Ion – Lithium Ion Polymer
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Alkaline Batteries
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)
  • Single-use Batteries
  • Rechargable Batteries
  • Mobile Phones

Start recycling your batteries 

The battery recycling collection container is an ideal size for workplace reception areas – so why not encourage your workplace to get involved in battery recycling. Place signs and covered containers to collect batteries for recycling.
There are three easy steps to start your battery recycling program:

  1. Call WASTE TO GREEN on 855-626-3472 and our customer service center will deliver a battery recycling container
  2. Place the container in a prominent area of your workplace and encourage staff and visitors to fill the container with their used batteries
  3. Once the container is full, call 855-626-3472 to arrange collection and a replacement container

A small charge is applied to cover collection and recycling costs.

Used Lead Acid Batteries Recycling Service

WASTE TO GREEN collects commercial quantities of ULABs used in vehicles, generators and other machinery for recycling. Residents and small businesses can drop-off batteries at our location.

Want to know more?

For enquiries or more information about our Battery Recycling services, contact our Customer Service Centre on 855-626-3472 or complete our online customer enquiry form.


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