Waste To Green Commercial Waste Materials Recycling

Waste To Green is e-Stewards, R2, ISO-14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified commercial recycling company, providing Green, Secure and Legally compliant Asset Disposition Service with total management of end of life materials that covers Material Collection, Recycling, Quarantine, e-Waste Disposition and Data Destruction services. Waste To Green Commercial Recycling provides a comprehensive range of services for corporations. We anticipate and evaluate new legislation, develop and assess environmental technologies and research our customers’ practical requirements to provide successful and sustainable waste management services”.

What do you waste?

An inefficient waste management service can cause serious disruption to your business, interrupting operations or raising health and safety and environmental issues which inevitably take valuable time and space. To make sure we get it right first time, Veolia Environmental Services begins with an expert assessment of your waste production and management practices to evaluate your business needs and to ensure you receive the right service. We can often help identify ways to minimize waste production as well as implementing reliable recycling, collection, treatment and disposal solutions. Waste To Green works closely with our clients to identify their specific needs and provide a portfolio of environmental services tailored to typical waste types and volumes.

What can I recycle?

Most businesses produce a number of different waste streams which could be reused or recycled. Waste To Green operates a nationwide service for the collection of most recyclables. For collection of these and any other materials, call us now for a quote.


Most businesses begin with paper and card recycling services. We offer Bin Service or collection service for cardboard recycling, helping you generate maximum revenue from your cardboard waste.


We collect wooden packaging from industrial and commercial businesses across the country. The material is processed into chippings, which are either recycled into fiber board and particleboard or used by the horticultural industry.

Electronics/Electrical Equipment

Since the introduction of the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment as per e-Stewards and R2 standards, companies. Our service offers a safe, efficient way to recycle IT, office and telephone equipment as well as fluorescent tubes.


We can also help you to set up systems to recycle other materials such as shrink-wrap, pallet wrap, natural and lightly tinted polythene and various other types of plastics


To comply with the Batteries Disposal regulations, many businesses are required to organize in-house or public battery recycling collections. Our Battery - Back recycling collection scheme is an ideal solution for all organizations including retailers and civic amenity sites, public buildings and businesses alike.

Scrap Metal Materials

We accept all Ferrous and Non-Ferrous scrap metal waste, which may be mixed or separated. We provide on-site recovery and container services. We help organization achieve maximum ROI from their material waste by demonstrating proven ways of maximizing value as compared to your existing program.

Printer Cartridge/Toners

How it works. Register all locations that wish to recycling on Waste To Green website. Request prepaid shipping labels or boxes based on quantities. Ship - Get paid

Safety Products Recycling

Waste To Green is a pioneer in introducing a Nationwide “Safety Products Recycling”, which includes Safety glasses, Body Suits, Plastic Covers and various other type of safety products, that various other safety products.

ITAD Services

We help organizations in establishing and managing a comprehensive system to tackle the growing problem of electronic waste recycling across their respective territories.

Electronic Recycling

(Pick up/Drop off): Complete life cycle management of electronic waste


Waste To Green are a dedicated team of professionals that focusing on helping you manage your IT Assets wisely, responsibly and securely. We help you determine the most effective means of dealing with IT Asset Disposition, whether it be equipment liquidation, asset recovery, or managed recycling.

Data Destruction

Hard Drive Shredding & DOD wipes.
Data Destruction provided as per NAID and Department of Defense (DOD) standards

Device Storage

  • On-Site Secure E-Bins if required
  • ITAD: IT Asset Disposition and Management
  • Ink/cartridge collection and payment plan

Facility Information

  • Total Warehouse Sq. ft.- 50,000 Sq. ft. (located in HUB Zone)
  • Recycling Capability-5 Million Lbs. /Year
  • Service Reach: Nationwide

Recycle Safety Classes here

  • Complete life-cycle IT Asset Disposition & data destruction
  • Legal Complaince Local, Federal and Enviormental
  • Value Recovary | Remarketing | Repurposing | Re-Deploying Sssets
  • Certificate of recycling | certificate of data destruction


Waste to Green provides 100% secure storage and management of Hard Drive and other media storage devices in our specially designed locked, E-Bins, which can now be secured even further by making them “GPS Trackable”, for safe storage and transport. Our Safe platform allows you to visibly manage your stored Hard Drives via secure internal monitoring. Our closed loop system protects your data from any potential breaches from the time it is stored, to the point at which it is destroyed.

We send one or more secure bins, unlocked with locks inside,directly to your location

Place hard drives into secure bins.

The tamper-proof bins are locked and shipped back to our secure data destruction location. The bins cannot be opened until they arrive to our secured cage.

A detailed audit is performed where each hard drive is recorded by it’s make and serial number before it is crushed.

Each hard drive is crushed and rendered permanently unreadable by our 30-ton pressunder surveillance by our 24/7 Security Cameras.

We issue to you a Certificate of Destruction as well as a Release of Liability and detailed list audited hard drives.