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Partner Referral Program

Why become a Waste To Green Partner?

Join us in our effort to make E-Waste Green!

Becoming a Referral partner of Waste To Green is EASY and INCREDIBLY REWARDING. By joining you will enjoy an unparalleled level of customer service and support from our data destruction team. In addition, you can be assured that your customers will receive best-in-class e-waste disposal and recycling service.

Program Benefits

  1. Ability to offer secure data destruction services to clients using our Secure E-Bins
  2. Exclusive pricing for hard drive destruction services
  3. Ability to offer your clients complete Life-Cycle Asset management service through Waste To Green
  4. Ability to offer Green initiatives to your clients
  5. Cross and co-marketing opportunities provided by Waste To Green
  6. Chance to participate in Waste To Green, E-Waste marketing events
  7. Co-Branding, link exchange with Waste To Green website and landing pages
  • No sign-up fees or contracts
  • Commissions on every successful data destruction and e-waste removal (invoiced) referral
  • No cap on commissions
  • FREE marketing materials
  • Opportunities to cross-sell Secure Data Destruction Services


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Watch our Secure Hard Drive Shredding Process

We provide recycling services for the following equipment:

» Computers
» Monitors
» Printers / Copiers
» Mainframes / Hubs
» Robotic Arms
» Telecom Equipment
» Mainframes
» Fax Machines / Plotters
» Stereos
» Battery Back-Up Units, etc.
» Tape Libraries
» Lab Equipment
» Production Equipment

Data destruction services:

On-Site and Off-Site

» Hard Drives
» CD’s / DVD’s
» Cell Phones/PDA’s
» Blackberry Devices
» Back-Up Tapes
» Thumb Drive/Memory Sticks