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Good Magazine e-Waste Video & a look at the e-waste numbers in North American

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Good Magazine e-waste Video. Something to think about!
Interesting e-waste facts:
US consumers bought 3.3 million HD televisions just in time for the Super Bowl in 2010.
Of the 2.25 million tonnes obsolete electronics in 2007, 82% were discarded…into landfill. By 2008, this figure had reached 3.16 million tonnes, but the recycling rate was still just 13.6%.
About 304 million electrical items were thrown out from American households in 2005 – 2/3rds of them still worked.
About 25 million televisions become obsolete every year.
68% of American’s have unwanted televisions or computers stored in their home. An estimated 235 million electrical items, including televisions, computers and monitors, are being stored by consumers, because there’s nothing else to do with them.
26.8 million Digital televisions were sold in the US in 2008; this figure was predicted to rise to 34.5 million in 2009.
North American accounts for 83% of the 50” + television market
Recycling just one million laptops would save enough energy to power more than 3, 500 homes in America for a year.
90% of Ewaste in the US is exported to China and Nigeria – this is not yet illegal due to the fact that America has yet to ratify the Basel Convention.