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Go eGreen This Spring Cleaning: Free Electronic Recycling Drive

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Waste To Green Spring Electronics Recycling Drive — Recycling IT is Easy, Sustainable and FREE this spring

Spring is here and now is the best time to consider an “eGreen” electronic recycling solution for removing your old, discarded IT equipment. Is your outdated, unused technology equipment taking up valuable space while gathering dust in your office? You can either choose to up-cycle – refurbish and reuse; or e-cycle – recycle e-waste. See if your old assets are of any value or you may choose to recycle them. Either way, we are here to help you make the most economical decision.

Why “Who” You Choose for Electronic Recycling Matters

E-Waste is the fastest growing waste to pollute our planet. To prevent misrepresentation and misuse when it comes to disposing old computer equipment, consider choosing an electronic recycling company that is certified by either R2 Solutions or e-Stewards — or both.

Both certifications will ensure that the environment and your data privacy will receive the highest levels of protection. Most important, these certifications guarantee the utmost accountability that the disposal of your equipment will be in trusted hands during the entire process.

Go eGreen This Spring Cleaning: Free Electronic Recycling Drive - wastetogreen.com

To help you remove your waste in the most socially responsible way, Waste to Green, an R2 and e-Stewards certified electronic recycling company, is holding its annual Spring “Ship and Recycle at No Cost E-Waste Drive” to help you manage your clutter and recycle end of life assets. if you are a business with a valid tax ID, all your IT assets qualify for a “No Recycling Fee”. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Inventory all your de-commissioned end of life old assets.
  2. Contact Waste to Green or email your list
  3. Confirm a pick up date

We will take it from there and will provide you with documentation verifying that you have adhered to the strict standards of responsible e-cycling. Our removal process follows an ethical chain of events:

  1. Secure pick-up and transport of e-waste to Waste to Green Recycling plant.
  2. Hard Drive Removal and Hard Drive Destruction by performing a DOD wipe and hard drive shredding.
  3. Asset Report, Certificate of Destruction and Recycling

Electronic Recycling Saves Our Environment

Recycling old, obsolete electronics is a critical step in protecting our environment. The makeup of electronics is toxic and could contain dangerous chemicals such as mercury and lead. If not properly disposed of, these chemicals could seep into our soil and water. You need an electronic recycling provider with the proven expertise and track record to ensure your e-waste ends eGreen and not in a landfill or overseas and meets the necessary federal regulations for power e-waste disposal.

Now is the perfect time to remove your old, broken or unused electric and electronic waste, cellphones that are filling up your drawers, and other technology equipment.

We will dispose your e-waste in the safest manner and if possible make it reusable and beneficial for someone else. Do your part in helping this earth become a better place to live. Waste to Green will recycle your e-waste responsibly and securely. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call and take that first step toward going eGreen this spring!

Call 855-626-3472 or email us at info@wastetogreen.com

*All electronic waste will be recycled at no charge for eligible businesses with a valid Tax ID. This offer does not include recycling of CRT monitors/TVs or Batteries. Shipping not included, but is free if your assets qualify for asset recovery program.

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