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Data Destruction

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Why businesses need to take data destruction seriously and how Waste To Green can help?

  • Data Security is an important aspect of computer recycling:

    It us important for every organization that there is no information security leak in the lifecycle of secure data. This can only be made possible through secure destruction and recycling. Recycling computers can be dangerous when handling sensitive data, specifically to businesses, storing tax records, employee information, trade secrets, financial information, client data, software and other invaluable information that amounts to years of work. While most people will try to wipe their hard drives clean before disposing of their old computers, it is not 100% assured.
  • Product Life Cycle Security:

    Keeping in mind the severity of data security issues, Waste to Green provides its customers the valuable service of data security. Our product life cycle data security is safe and reliable. It begins right from the point where journey of e-waste product start i.e. when our representative arrives at your premises to collect e-waste till those data units are recycled. We also provide on-site shredding of Hard Drives and Department of Defense Wipes for customer satisfaction, on request.”

Why Data Security is important to consumers?

When dealing with aged IT Assets that includes unwanted computers and other electronic storage devices, data security is extremely important. Your personal PC at home contains sensitive personal data, passwords and financial information that can fall into wrong hands leading to disastrous consequences like identity theft and bank account breaches.

When you decide to get rid of old assets, be to Charity or to a recycler, data security should be given prime importance. Even when computers are being transported for recycling purposes, the storage devices need to be placed in Securely bins that are hard to reach into. Check out Waste To Green’s Secure E-Bins page for more information.

Secure E-Bins