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About Us

Waste To Green is eStewards, R2, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified eWaste Recycling AND IT Asset Recovery company , adhering to most rigorous environmental and social standards, committed to providing complete accountability and transparency of their processes while maximizing ROI for our customers. We help companies liquidate their old IT equipment by helping them get maximum value recovery from while recycling eWaste per highest standards in the industry. We buy computers – laptops, desktops, cell phones, servers, telecom equipment (phone systems, conferencing devices), Data Center equipment with Data Center deinstall service and consultation available. Outright buyback of computers and IT equipment is much more efficient way of maximizing value recovery instead of technology trade-in offered by many retailers.

Waste To Green is experienced in managing Healthcare IT Asset Disposition, offering complete compliance with HIPAA and other laws applicable to IT equipment disposal.Waste To Green recycles corporate waste, including electronics according to highest industry standards laid by BAN (Basal Action network) and their gold standard of eStewards certification. Our secure data destruction services include hard drive shredding and DOD wipes as per Department of Defense and NAID standards. Waste To Green’s complete life cycle eWaste Recycling and IT Asset Disposal service helps businesses, Federal, State, Local Government and Individuals meet their environmental and legislative obligations for electronic and corporate waste disposal.

Waste to Green seeks to provide e-waste management service in its territory to tackle the growing problem of e-waste in North Carolina. Our goals are:

  • Goal 1: To provide maximum value for company’s old IT Assets, through marketing and buyout options.
  • Goal 2: To provide comprehensive reporting of asset recovery and recycling projects for 100% compliance to federal, state, local and environmental
  • Goal 3: Create awareness amongst users regarding data breach threat associated with storing old IT assets.
  • Goal 4: Offer secure Data destruction service (Both on-site and off-site) as per DOD and NIST standards.

Mission Statement

image_waste_to_green_shield.pngTo provide cost effective, environmentally friendly corporate eWaste Recycling and IT Asset Disposal Service and to gain competitive advantage by building and continually enhancing our portfolio of environmentally progressive services, reduce risk exposure and maximize value recovery.

Waste to Green is committed to:

  • Ethical eWaste Recycling and ITAD (IT Asset Disposal)
  • Secure Data Destruction per HIPAA,  DOD, NIST standards
  • Recycling Documentation- Asset Report and Certificate of Recycling and Certificate of Destruction
  • Data Security Guarantee
  • 0% to landfill policy
  • 3R Rule (Re-Use, Refurbish, Recycle)

What we recycle…

» Desktop Computers
» Notebooks/Laptops
» Cell Phones
» HUB, Switches, Servers, Data Center Equipment
» Phones, Televisions
» Anything that plugs in the wall!


» Pick up and Drop off of e-waste
» Chain of Custody Documentation
» Secure Data Destruction
» Asset Reporting
» Recycling of e-waste
» Certificate of Destruction
» Certificate of Recycling