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  • What Happens to e-Waste?

    E-WASTE EXPOSÉ: WHAT HAPPENS TO ELECTRONICS AFTER USE? Madeleine Somerville February 25, 2016 (Source Earth 911) I was elated a few years ago when I discovered that my town had an electronics recycling drop off point. I was filled with smug satisfaction as I dropped off an ...

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  • Before Selling Your Cell Phone: Remember these 5 key steps

    Post by Bill Snyder (CIO Magazine) Credit: Brian Sacco Selling a used phone is a great way to make some extra cash, but it's important to delete all of your personal or corporate data before you do. These five tips from an IBM security pro can ensure you know how to remove sensitive information. Today's smartphones are far too expensive to simply discard when you buy a new one. Lots of people sell their phones when they no ...

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  • End-Of-Life IT Asset Management: Proper Disposal is Key to Maximum Value Recovery with Minimal Risk….

    Every business, organization and individual buys IT equipment, normally as an upgrade. Leaving consumers aside, businesses and organizations have two responsibilities: to dispose of any redundant IT Assets according to environmental regulations and other relevant laws, to remove any data that may have been stored on that equipment to comply with the Data Protection Act as well as any other industry-specific legal requirements. This is a hassle. ...

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