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  • End-Of-Life IT Asset Management: Proper Disposal is Key to Maximum Value Recovery with Minimal Risk….

    Every business, organization and individual buys IT equipment, normally as an upgrade. Leaving consumers aside, businesses and organizations have two responsibilities: to dispose of any redundant IT Assets according to environmental regulations and other relevant laws, to remove any data that may have been stored on that equipment to comply with the Data Protection Act as well as any other industry-specific legal requirements. This is a hassle. ...

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  • How To Prevent Unregulated E-Waste Export From Threatening National Security

    Disposing electronic waste, called e-waste, is illegal, but highly profitable. Millions of tons of discarded electronics is ending up in Asia and Africa, where counterfeiting has become a thriving business. Growing Counterfeit Market Uses Unregulated E-Waste According to the Coalition for American Electronics Recycling “It is estimated that more than half of U.S. e-waste is shipped offshore, primarily to China, by scrap dealers and brokers claiming to be recyclers. This has led to a flourishing counterfeiting industry ...

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  • How To Dispose Your Earth Day e-Waste Responsibly

    Are You Prepared for Earth Day e-Waste Recycling? Earth day is April 22. Are you prepared to dispose of your accumulating e-waste? E-waste known as electronic waste describes any electronic device that has surpassed its shelf life and is at the end of its useful life. Sometimes this is referred to as end-of-life assets. Examples include: cell phones, computers, laptops, computer monitors, printers, scanners and any other electrical device. Technology ...

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  • Go eGreen This Spring Cleaning: Free Electronic Recycling Drive

    Waste To Green Spring Electronics Recycling Drive — Recycling IT is Easy, Sustainable and FREE this spring Spring is here and now is the best time to consider an “eGreen” electronic recycling solution for removing your old, discarded IT equipment. Is your outdated, unused technology equipment taking up valuable space while gathering dust in your office? You can either choose to up-cycle – refurbish and reuse; or e-cycle – recycle e-waste. See if your old assets ...

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  • Good Magazine e-Waste Video & a look at the e-waste numbers in North American

    http://youtu.be/sl2j83LCHss Good Magazine e-waste Video. Something to think about! Interesting e-waste facts: US consumers bought 3.3 million HD televisions just in time for the Super Bowl in 2010. Of the 2.25 million tonnes obsolete electronics in 2007, 82% were discarded…into landfill. By 2008, this figure had reached 3.16 million tonnes, but the recycling rate was still just 13.6%. About 304 million electrical items were thrown out from American households in ...

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