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  • Waste To Green, LLC Becomes East Coast’s First Minority and Woman-Owned Certified e-Stewards Recycler

    Durham, North Carolina, October 11th, 2012 - The Basel Action Network (BAN), a global toxic trade watchdog organization, announced today that Durham-based Waste To Green, LLC has become a certified e-Stewards recycler. Waste to Green is the first minority and woman-owned company on the east coast to achieve the e-Stewards certification, adhering to the world’s highest standards for socially and environmentally responsible electronic recycling. As an ethical recycler with an uncompromising commitment to environmental ...

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  • The Digital Dump! What Recycling E-Waste is Important?

    The pace of change in technology today is truly unrelenting. Electronics are outdated in the blink of an eye, consigned to trash or e-trash as we call it. Today’s consumer is obsessed with new technology. There are more than 300 million computers and a billion cell phones produced every year! With old electronics becoming redundant, inefficient and obsolete, we are quickly ...

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  • Data Breach in End of Life IT Assets; The E-Waste Monster!

    Spooky! Dead Computers Tell Secrets! Data Breach in End of Life IT Assets; The E-Waste Monster! While we continue to wage a war against dumping e-waste into landfills and promoting reuse or recycle of computers, we are faced with yet another daunting task of managing data security associated with recycled, reused, lost and stolen computers. Most companies, as part of their corporate social responsibility programs, would encourage reusing or recycling their IT assets, but when asked about ...

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  • Go eGreen This Spring Cleaning: Free Electronic Recycling Drive

    Waste To Green Spring Electronics Recycling Drive — Recycling IT is Easy, Sustainable and FREE this spring Spring is here and now is the best time to consider an “eGreen” electronic recycling solution for removing your old, discarded IT equipment. Is your outdated, unused technology equipment taking up valuable space while gathering dust in your office? You can either choose to up-cycle – refurbish and reuse; or e-cycle – recycle e-waste. See if your old assets ...

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