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Waste To Green; eWaste Recycling, IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) and Secure Data Destruction

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Helping you become Legally Compliant, Socially Responsible and Environmentally Safe!

Recycle Ethically, Responsibly, Safely!

We guarantee 100% downstream accountability and complete transparency in our e-cycling process and offer best prices for newer generation IT Assets.

Refreshing IT?

With technology getting redundant so quickly, smart IT Asset Management is needed.We recycle computers, laptops, printers, copiers, Monitors, phones, TVs, Servers, HUB, Switches, Scanners, Hard Drives and anything that plugs in the wall! In addition, We buy newer generation i5/i7 laptops, smartphones, Data Center Equipment, Telecom and Networking Equipment. We offer total end of life IT Asset Management that covers e-waste Pick Up, Asset Recovery and Re-marketing Service, Secure Transport, Information Destruction, Documentation, Asset Reports, Certificate  of Destruction and Certificate of Recycling.  None of the e-waste we collect goes to landfills. We follow the hierarchy of Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

Recycle By Mail

With more and more states across US banning E-waste disposal into landfills, Waste To Green brings Secure Electronics Recycling to comfort of your home or business. Use our Recycle By Mail Program to send your old Computers and other Electronics, in most cases at no cost to you. Use our online ordering tool to request recycling services. Enter your information -> mail your electronics with an option to get your hard drives shredded with certificate of destruction -> get a peace of mind in return.

Recycling Computers? Are you Compliant?

Information Destruction is critical in managing Old IT Assets

Irresponsible computer disposal can pose a risk to your business. We provide secure data destruction services including hard drive shredding or DOD wipes alongside electronic waste recycling as per NAID (National Association of Information Destruction), NIST (National Institute of Information and Technology) and DOD (Department of Defense)  standards. Our complete life cycle IT Asset management service helps businesses meet their environmental and legislative obligations for equipment disposal. We ensure HIPAA, HITECH, RoHS, STATE AND FEDERAL Compliance in regards to information destruction. We help you in making some very important decisions regarding your Old assets, whether to sell, reuse, refurbish or recycle them.

Waste To Green Computer Recycle Center focuses on recycling Electronic Waste with Data Security in mind. We provide pick up and free drop off service to these areas. Waste To Green electronic recycling services now reach out to consumers across the country through our mail-back recycling program. Now you can Recycle from home!

Call us today for a no obligation estimate. We help you manage your old IT Assets & recycle them the All Green Way!